Friday, April 21, 2017

It surprises me when I get things done

I have grown to fear failure to such an extent that the smallest of tasks intimidate me. Like today morning, when I had to wash a soiled mattress cover. I had already soaked it in antiseptic and hot water last night, folded - to avoid getting any "material" directly on my hands. That was the smartest part of the task, which I had already gotten over with. This morning, instead of making breakfast, I asked the husband to get some snacks, because I wanted to take care of that soaked cover first, so that I could add it to a wash cycle in the machine with other doggie-cleaning fabrics. I told him that it would take me "at least" 15 mins to do that, during which he could get us breakfast so that we don't delay the tasks to be done further in the day. As if I couldn't put at end date on a cloth-washing task!

Then I actually went into the bathroom, got started on it methodically, as I had thought out in my head but dared not verbalize - for fear of failure - and I was actually done in 15 minutes. I was thrilled to find out I could complete a task, and to do it in the time I estimated! And it meant that my estimate was correct!

I've become wary of putting out estimates, because I've been failing to deliver (as per my own expectations, which are typically higher than what others expect of me, I've noticed). And, oh, just as I am typing this, I had an epiphany. The reason why I fail at achieving what I planned with a task, is because I do too many things at a time. My priorities are constantly shifting​. And spend way too much time in my head, overthinking and overanalyzing. Reminds me of those instances when we pass an exit or a turn we're about to take, and the map app audio going: "recalculating..." I think I could do with slowing down a bit and focussing on fewer things.

Friday, February 26, 2016

More books!

Since this post, I've continued to be on a book-reading spree. I've bought 33 books since then and read all of them... the latest in-progress being the 'Bond Collection for Adults', the Bond being Ruskin Bond, who I've been meaning to read since quite a few years now. That's 2 friggin' books a month, which is the fastest that I have read in the past 2 decades!

Ignore me, you book-gobbling monsters who can manage a book or more a day. Or roll your eyes and move on. It's been such a happy, happy time for me, let me enjoy my little triumph over my old self here!

Some of that reading speed has improved quite recently, because I've taken to reading while walking... walking up to the office cafeteria for lunch/coffee when I'm alone, walking up to my desk each day--even though part of it is in the lift, walking back down to the basement to my vehicle before going home. Then, a big chunk of reading happens right before I sleep. The bright phone screen doesn't bother me any more. Thanks again, to my dear, cutie-patootie husband, who downloaded and installed the 'night mode' app on my phone that dims the display even further than the default software allows. Not that I couldn't manage that on my own, but I was just too lazy about it, so after several reminders, he just gave up and did it for me. I make sure to give him a few extra kisses for that every day :P

[Doing a happy dance in my mind before getting back to work so I can wrap up sooner and read more in the night.]

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I gotta ask

...who are these people from Russia who are visiting my blog since these past couple of years?

Are you folk landing here by mistake? Google (or other search engines) directing you to me by mistake? Or just an unfortunate combination or search keywords, maybe?

I feel like throwing up a dialog box asking, 'Did you find this information useful?' like Microsoft (msdn / technet) pages do. Not that I expect anyone to find anything useful in here; it's just me blathering on about myriad things and/or my opinions. But, yeah, how do you land up here? You're not unwelcome, of course, but seeing the stats page just makes me curious. (Confession: I watch the stats page by factor of a few hundreds more than I do actually post here.) Say hello?

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

10 minutes to midnight

... and it's the earliest I've gotten into bed in the past 4 days.

And I just discovered this thing of beauty...

And then, I read about the art and the weirdness behind it:

I read it the next day, so the previous night I just soak myself into the song and not think about the backstory.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Presenting in PJs such fun!

I hadn't intended to, though. I was supposed to make a presentation over a Webex meeting at work this evening. My session kept getting delayed, and the hubs was out for a work event, so I had to get home not-too-late for the poor, lonely pooches.

I realized just in time, and as the presenter before me was about to finish, I requested a couple of folks who were supposed to present after me to prepone their sessions. I rushed home in my trusty old car, which we're sadly about to sell off. Changed, gave the pooches their treats--no dinner today, because they have upset stomachs and aren't eating--poured myself a bowl of cornflakes-chocolate-powder-milk, and sat at my desk. I finished eating just in time for the ongoing session to end.

Supercharged and relaxed at the same time, I delivered the presentation smoothly--and a tad hurriedly in my own opinion, but what do you do when there's stony silence on the line from the others, and what you're talking about it considered to be the least important stuff among the others'?!

Then, I let the pooches run amok, but all they wanted to do was photobomb this PJ-clad presenter. ;)

PS: That's the Ink Sketch artistic effect from Paint.NET. Sweet, innit?

Reunions - I

M, my friend of 23 years, came down to Pune this week. I haven't checked with her yet if she's ok with her pictures on my blog, hence the blurring.

We went for a walk after about 13 years, and then sat for a while watching this. We got late reaching this spot, so couldn't catch the sunset on camera. I was huffing and puffing on the 'uphill' stretches, but the level path was a breeze, and there was a breeze as we sat down and caught up.

Also, the gal's got news for me, which I'm not at liberty to say yet, but this might be the last picture of us together in long time. Except, of course, when we have a college buddies' informal reunion next week. Sigh. So glad we had this, M!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Real live comforter

When I have trouble sleeping, I cuddle with my very own teddy er... bitch.

Sigh, those velvet ears!

Then, sometime during the night, we play our own version of the beauty and the (hairy) beast.

She captures my arm and my pillow. Is my heart not enough? I guess that's the price I have to pay for being eased into the night. Beats swallowing pills, doesn't it? ;)